Ridna Shkola

Ridna Shkola, operated by the Ukrainian National Federation (UNF) Regina, is a Ukrainian Saturday School for children of kindergarten to middle school age.  The school welcomes children who already practice Ukrainian language at home as well as those who wish to learn the language.

The main objective is the education of the Ukrainian language and culture, in order that they may retain their Ukrainian heritage.

Our innovative program is delivered in several ways, including:

  • Ukrainian as a Second Language;
  • Ukrainian Language and Literature;
  • Traditional Folk Arts and Crafts;
  • Music Lessons and Ukrainian Ethnographic Traditions.

The UNF Regina Educational Committee has been established to support the school. In addition, the school has been supported by various community organizations. It has received educational grants from the UCC Regina Branch and the UCC Saskatchewan Provincial Council. It is also a member of the Multilingual Association of Regina as well as other programs.

Financial support has also been received from the Ukrainian Women’s Organization (UWO), Prosvita – Regina, Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages (SOHL), Ukrainian Womens’ Association of Canada – Regina Branch (UWAC), Ukrainian Orthodox Mens’ Association – Regina (UOMA), and various private donors.

For more information or to register, visit UNF Regina on Facebook or email us at ridna.shkola.unfrb@gmail.com.