Chaban Ukrainian Dance Regina

Chaban Ukrainian Dance Regina was founded in 1973, making it the longest running dance group in the City of Regina!  Throughout the past 46 years, the organization has evolved, however it’s focus on keeping the Ukrainian culture alive through music and dance, has always been at the forefront.

The school is under the instruction and artistic direction of Oksana and Yuriy Sholdra, of the Ukraine, both of whom possess degrees in choreography and dance and have extensive dance performance experience within several countries themselves.

Chaban is a non-profit organization. They provide their dancers with multiple performance opportunities throughout the year at their annual Malanka, senior residences, as well as participation in community outreach events such as Mosaic, Ukrainian Fall Fest, Telemiracle, and more. Dancers also partake in festivals and competitions both in Regina and out of town. Chaban Ukrainian Dance Regina has received multiple awards and scholarships for their performances at competitions over the past years and are very proud of their accomplishments.  Chaban is a family focused, fun organization that welcomes dancers of all ages, cultures and abilities.

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