Ukrainian Science Park

The Ukrainian Science Park is the highly popular children’s playground on the southwest side of the Saskatchewan Science Centre. The Ukrainian Science Park was originally developed to commemorate the centenary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada. The park features novel playground equipment ranging from a pair of parabolic dishes for very directional voice communication to neat swings to an archway of building blocks plus other intriguing devices.

Over the last decade and a half the park has been used extensively and presently could use a refurbishment. Rather than just repairing the existing equipment, the UCC-Regina Branch has decided to partner with the Science Centre whereby the park would be refurbished and expanded. The target completion date is early fall 2005.

To complete the above project will require an expenditure in the order of $75,000 of with the UCC-Regina Branch is committed to pay $50,000. To raise the required funds the UCC-Regina Branch is appealing to its member organizations and individuals. Donors to the project will be appropriately acknowledged. For more information, please contact either Orest Warnyca (President – 584-0501) or Steve Pillipow (586-9345) and pledge your support.

The Ukrainian Science Park is unique, innovative and a credit to the Ukrainian Canadian pioneers and today’s community.