Sadochok Ukrainian Language Preschool

Sadochok is a preschool/pre-kindergarten program offered twice a week, (2 hours each time) from September to June at Selo Gardens, 1106 McNiven Ave. Sadochok is managed by a parent/community committee with financial support from the Ukrainian community including the Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Regina Branch and several of its member organizations. Other sources of funding include the Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages who in turn receive funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries.

Sadochuk is a bilingual program focusing on Ukrainian culture and traditions. The Ukrainian language is used extensively in the program and the children are also encouraged to sing in Ukrainian. They learn about various Ukrainian traditions particularly those associated with the major feast days of Christmas and Easter. For more information interested persons should contact any of the following persons:

Best of all, the parents do not need to know how to speak Ukrainian or be of Ukrainian descent. Enrich your child’s life by enrolling him/her in Sadochok.

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