For the last number of years a program has existed where originally four and now five students from the University of Ivano-Frankivsk, National Technical University of Oil and Gas, are selected to come to Regina to spend a work term at one of a number of corporations in the City or agencies at the University of Regina. The program is coordinated through the University of Regina. The merits of the program, for the community, are seen as positive and worthy of support. Specifically the involvement of outstanding students from Ukraine in our community will help stimulate interest in Ukrainian matters amongst our youth in particular and the students will, to a certain degree, be role models for our youth. To this end several organizations have made financial commitments to the program. A process has been developed to select families that will host the students in their homes. The students will also be given an opportunity to meet members of the community and to take part in social and other events on at the time of their stay. Persons interested in the program should contact the UCC-Regina Office (757-8835) for more information or any member of the UCC-Regina Executive (President, Orest Gawdyda at 306-781-5309 or 306-501-4016 (c)).

The Ivano-Frankivsk project of the University of Regina, receives support from the community in two major ways, these being:

Regina families host the students in their homes For more information on hosting a student click here

A number of organizations provide support for the program by making a financial contribution to the University of Regina, these organizations in recent years have included:

Further, several of the above organizations receive funding for their operations from Saskatchewan Lotteries and thus the latter is also financially supporting the Ivano-Frankivsk student project.

For the Fall of 2014 work term, listed below are the students who were in Regina along with the organization they were working with.