The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) - Regina Branch works closely with the UCC- Saskatchewan Provincial Council (UCC-SPC) in promoting immigration from Ukraine to Saskatchewan and in supporting recent immigrants from Ukraine already the province. The UCC- SPC has established an immigration committee to coordinate the activities in this area.

The membership of the committee is:

The committee has recently coordinated the production of a handbook for Ukrainian immigrants who have settled in the Tisdale area and who are working with Northern Steel. Information on the handbook can be obtained by contacting Danylo Puderak. The Tisdale edition of the immigrant handbook is based on a similar handbook produced by the Ukrainian Orthodox Descent of the Holy Spirit parish in Regina. For more information on the initial handbook, interested persons should contact Tony Harras.

The current activities of the committee include preparing materials that could be used to encourage potential employers to sponsor/hire immigrants from Ukraine to meet their skilled labour needs. Workshops are also being prepared for interested persons who are willing to work with Ukrainians who would like to immigrate to Saskatchewan.


Download our brochure:

Ukrainian Immigration Settlement Services and Community Support (pdf)