History Committee

Saskatchewan Ukrainian Historical Society

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council (UCC-SPC) has established the Saskatchewan Ukrainian Historical Society. The project coordinator is Karen Pidskalny (306-652-5850). During the recent past UCC-SPC’s focus has been to get the community engaged in pursuing its history in a more organized and thorough manner and to involve a broader base of people. This has been done through workshops in Saskatoon and Regina. Additional workshops are being planned for other centers. Information on the ‘In Baba’s Trunk’ workshop can be found on the UCC-SPC website

Saskatchewan Ukrainian Historical Society’s Centennial project is the development of a travel guide/tourist brochure. The province has been divided into six regions representing the early bloc settlements of:

The brochure will highlight Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian communities as they are today . Visitors will have the opportunity to explore each of the six areas using the travel guide and to discover and experience the rich Ukrainian cultural traditions still found in our province. For more information on the travel brochures visit the UCC-SPC website as indicated above.

Ken Mazur is the UCC-Regina Branch representative on the UCC-SPC historical committee. For more information, contact Ken at 789-4062.