Ukrainian people place great importance upon the preparation, serving, and eating of food, whether the occasion be festive or an everyday meal. Types of Ukrainian food vary with the region, season, availability, and religious customs. The symbolic offering of bread and salt when guests arrive is an ancient custom which reflects the warmth and hospitality of the household. A loaf of bread mounded with salt, adorned with and embroidered linen towel is brought before the guests. The host of hostess great the guests with the appropriate salutation for the occasion. (Excerpt from Ukrainian Canadiana, published by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, Edmonton Alberta, 1976)

One of the many excellent Ukrainian cookbook is the one written by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada - Regina (Daughters of Ukraine) Branch. For more information on it visit their website. However there are many other excellent Ukrainian cookbooks and interested persons can check with the Ukrainian Co-operative Association store in Regina, the public library or search for titles and availability on the internet.