Perpetuating the richness and beauty of Ukrainian Dance, the Chaban Ukrainian Dance Association Inc. is proud to keep the Ukrainian Culture alive. Chaban has been in existence for 37 years which includes the school, the ensemble and the adult dance group. At Chaban we expose our dancers to vast amounts of Ukrainian culture by annually participating in events such as Malanka, Mosaic and many competitions and performances within the area.

Chaban is a non-profit organization which works with the families to help keep dancing affordable for all. Costuming is provided for dancers, and parents have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fundraising activities. Chaban instructors encourage fun and enthusiasm in each class. Chaban School welcomes dancers of all ages.

For further information, please visit our website or contact Kara at 789-0305, Cindy at 789-6569 or Shirley at 584-1151.